All you can eat at Music City Diner

Music City Diner is an all-day breakfast restaurant and offers located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just north of downtown Nashville.

The owner, Jimmy Adamopoulos, says that his restaurant is a place where nobody leaves hungry and you get your moneys worth with the big variety that is available. Music City Diner has a Facebook page that gives guests an inside look on their restaurant. Their cover video shows viewers a glimpse of the food that is offered.

From the moment you walk in to the small restaurant on the corner of Glen Oak Blvd., you step in to a blast from the past– the 80’s. Music from the juke box and waitresses in red aprons with neon lights on the walls– there is something special about Music City Diner.

The dessert bar is the first thing you see when you walk in. Music City Diner offers a variety of desirable cakes, pies and cannolis. Prices for desserts can range from $5.00-$7.00, but it is worth the money. The employees are very generous with slicing the cakes.

Although this family-owned restaurant is not directly downtown, I recommend taking the 20-minute drive to check this diner out. From pancakes and Belgian waffles to hamburgers and salads– Music City Diner has all of your meals covered.

Music City Diner is open Monday-Saturday from 7AM-9PM and closed on Sunday.

Burnin’ Up for Hattie B’s Hot Chicken – Nashville

Nashville is known for many things– country music, NHL Nashville Predators, reality television shows– but one thing that has become popular in Nashville over the years is its hot chicken. Hattie B’s, Prince’s, Helen’s— the list goes on.

I enjoy hot and spicy things, so I am a huge fan of all of these hot-chicken locations. In my opinion, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken provides the best spicy-chicken experience throughout the downtown area. There are multiple locations to choose from. The first hot chicken restaurant to open in Nashville was the Hattie B’s on West End. The only problem you will run into at that location is the space, or lack thereof. I have never seen the place without a long line out the door, but it will be worth it! I recommend going to the one on 8th Avenue, which is the one I visited for this post.

There is a variety of heat levels you can choose from. The first time I ate Hattie B’s, I got the mild just to be safe, and I built myself up from there. I have gotten up to the “Fire Starter” but have yet to try to “Burn Notice”. If you do not like hot and spicy things, I would not go past the ‘Warming Up’ level. For a happy and enjoyable dinner, I recommend getting the Medium.

When ordering, you choose your type of chicken and the heat level you would like, and get two sides with your plate. I always get the fries with the mac ‘n’ cheese with a side of honey mustard. (Pro tip: this is not a place to come if you are on a diet).

Also, Hattie B’s Southern sweet tea is some of the best I’ve ever had!

Have you ever tried Nashville’s hot-chicken? Which hot chicken place is your favorite? Have you ever tried the hottest choice it offers?

Where should I go to write about next week?

  • Brunch
  • BBQ
  • Steakhouse

Choose Juice Bar to Cleanse your Day!

I Love Juice Bar is one of my favorite places to go to when I want to feel healthy and refreshed. Its menu offers a variety of smoothies, bowls and juice shots to power anyone through their day. There are a few Juice Bar locations around Nashville, but I usually go to the one off of Hillsboro Village or the one in Green Hills across from the mall.

The family of the hit reality-TV show Chrisley Knows Best owns the location in Green Hills. One episode depicted the family working together at the grand opening of the Juice Bar– and it was much harder than they were anticipating.

Juice Bar is a relaxing, on-the-go type of place people can come to in the middle of their busy day. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite drink, but here are a few solid options if you don’t know what to get…

Coffee Janet– raw cacao powder • coffee • hemp seeds • almond butter • banana • plant-based protein powder • Himalayan pink salt • almond milk

Blue Chocolotta – raw cacao powder • almond butter • blueberries • Himalayan pink salt • banana • coconut milk

PB&J – peanut butter • banana • strawberries • flax seed oil • apple juice

As you can see, I’m a coffee-and-peanut-butter kind of gal — but at least I’m getting the rest of the nutrients the drinks offer!

Juice Bar does not offer a wide variety of food, but it does have vegan muffins, acai bowls, protein bars and other things you would see at the check-out at a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. My favorite food at Juice Bar is the AB or PB sandwich on whole-grain bread. The sandwich includes sliced green apples, cacao nibs, whole grain flax seeds, local honey, strawberries and almond butter.

I recommend finding your local Juice Bar and trying it out next time you need a quick and healthy pick-me up! It even offers each customer to be a a part of a rewards program. After each purchase, you put in your phone number, and after you get 10 stars you get a free item on the menu!

I asked last week which place in Nashville has the best hot chicken, so next week I will be trying out Hattie B’s to see if you all know your hot chicken.

Have you ever been to Juice Bar, or have another place similar you like to go?

First Watch is on the Clock!

Located in the center of Green Hills off Richard Jones Road, First Watch is the new brunch place to be at. Its vintage lighting and spacious dining area, the restaurant has more to offer than just a filling breakfast.

Once you’re seated, you are greeted with a jug of water for your table and offered a fresh cup of coffee. The menu has a variety of breakfast options. Most are gluten-free and organic to ensure the healthier audience is taken care of. There is a portion on the menu that says ‘Healthier-Side’ for those who have dietary restrictions.

I ordered the traditional, which is under the Classic Favorites on the menu: Organic cage-free scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, breakfast potatoes with a choice of fresh fruit or whole-grain toast with house-made preservatives. Very much recommend.

First Watch was established in 1983 in Pacific Grove, California. The name comes from the sailor-term “first watch,” which means first shift of the day. Considering this restaurant is a breakfast and brunch place, a lot of customers dine here before beginning their day.

The restaurant offers an adult beverage menu and bar area called the Juice Bar.

First Watch has a blog post talking about its special coffee called “Project Sunrise”. The post explains how the coffee is imported from Huila in South America and talks about their experience importing the coffee grounds and getting to explore the land.

Find your local First Watch today!

For the next post, I’ll be headed to Nashville’s best hot chicken! You get to decide where that is! Who has the best hot chicken in Nashville?

Gulch Adventures: Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey is located in one of the most premiere urban spots of Nashville — The Gulch. Milk and Honey began in 2013 when the owners of Community Pie wanted to expand their business. Milk and Honey specializes in pastries and coffee and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The minute you walk in, you run into the pastry and coffee bar. Pedestrians and window shoppers come in to grab a macaroon or latte before continuing their shopping and sight-seeing day. It offers a variety of juices, coffees, teas and smoothies, along with croissants, macaroons and homemade gelato.

One of my favorite things about Milk and Honey aside from the food is the location. The Gulch is one of my favorite hangout spots in Nashville. The Gulch is on 11th and 12th Avenue between the infamous 12 South and Broadway. Milk and Honey has the option to sit outside on the veranda!

I went to Milk and Honey for brunch. I got the bacon egg and cheese, which came on a sourdough biscuit. Each meal comes with a side item, so I got the house fries. My friend got the avocado toast with fresh fruit on the side. I also ordered the white chocolate mocha, which did not disappoint.

I recommend checking out Milk and Honey if you are in the mood for breakfast or a coffee that isn’t from Starbucks as you stroll around the Gulch.

Have you ever been to Milk and Honey in the Gulch? What Nashville-based restaurants should I cover next?

Chick-Fil-A Saves the Day!

Ah, yes. The most popular fast-food in the South– Chick-Fil-A. I know this may seem like it shouldn’t be on the top restaurants to visit in Nashville, but if you’re looking for top-notch service and a quick meal to get you through your busy day, CFA has got you.

I caught the inevitable influenza everyone seems to be catching and have been seemingly dead to the world this past week. The first solid food I wanted this morning was none other than Chick-Fil-A.

Everyone knows about its upscale service– The “My pleasure” and
“We’ll do anything to serve you better” spiel– but what I didn’t realize is how far the restaurant would actually go. Sure, I’ve seen a video of an employee chasing a customer down the street because they forgot a part of their meal, but I had never experienced such grace until this morning.

I woke up around 10 a.m., as a sick person does, and was shocked that I actually wanted to eat something. I knew CFA breakfast was ending but decided to call to see if the restaurant had any left. To my (not so) surprise, the employees checked to see if they had any left, asked for my name and what time I was planning to arrive. By the time I got to the drive-thru, it was 30 minutes after the cut-off and they SAVED chicken-minis for me… with my name on it. WHAT! I don’t know of any other restaurant with that type of customer service.

If you’ve ever visited a CFA in Georgia, you may have seen the dwarf door that kids can enter the restaurant through. Before naming it Chick-fil-A in 1946, the founder first called it Dwarf Grilland specialized in hamburgers and steak.

Check out Nashville’s local Chick-fil-A for a healthy, easy and family-friendly fast food during your hectic day.

So thank you, Chick-Fil-A, for making this sick gal feel special and ready to take on her day today!

Have you ever had an above-average experience from Chick-Fil-A? Let me know in the comments!

Top Coffee Shops to Visit in Nashville: Fido Bongo Java

This New York City-style coffee-house is nothing short of unique. Located in the heart of Hillsboro Village, and just minutes from attractions and shopping, Fido is the perfect pit-stop for pedestrians. Voted “Best Place for Breakfast’ and ‘Best Burger From a Place That Doesn’t Specialize in Burgers” by the Nashville Scene, Fido is the place to be when visiting Nashville.

It has an all-day menu but specializes in breakfast, coffees and teas. It has a variety of Bongo-Java desserts and even have little stuffed animal “Fido dogs” on sale for the kiddos!

Fido used to be a pet shop before it was renovated into a coffee house and restaurant in 1996. During the pet shop days, there was a coffee shop next door called “Bongo2Go” until the owner bought out the pet store and combined the two venues to a massive coffee restaurant. When you visit Fido, look around for little signs of how the owner incorporated the pet shop throughout the place.

One thing to remember before going to Fido is how difficult the parking can be. I was shocked that I was able to get a front parking spot at 9 a.m. ParkHappy allows you to park FREE for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, the fee goes up every hour. I have had a decent experience with ParkHappy in the past. They are usually very understanding and the epitome of southern hospitality, but pro tip: their management is always watching.

I have been to Fido a number of times, but it is usually not my first choice to get coffee. The line to order is always out the door, and after I am finally able to find a parking spot, I don’t want to wait 20 more minutes for my food and beverage. However, if I were visiting Nashville and looking for a place to relax while still feeling like I’m out on the town, I would come here. So far I have noticed that the main customer base here seems to be business meetings, doctors and nurses taking a lunch break and tourists shopping in Hillsboro Village.

You would think Fido would be semi-expensive considering that it is located a mile from Green Hills and a walking distance from Vanderbilt University, but you would be surprised!

For lunch, most of the food is between $10-12 a plate – including salads, sandwiches and entrees. The breakfast (which takes up the entire back page of the menu) is between $5-10. Fido is very accommodating to vegan and vegetarians, and even asks you what kind of milk you would like in your coffee. I ordered the “Bachelor,” which is a bagel with almond butter, banana, local honey and cinnamon on a cinnamon raisin bagel, and a half vanilla half caramel iced latte all for $12.

Fido is great for students to do homework or just a fun place to hang out with your friends. It is a widely spaced restaurant, unlike most of the coffee places around the area.

Make sure to follow this blog for more insight on local restaurants and coffee shops in Nashville! Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion on where I should cover next! Is Fido on your list when visiting Nashville?